Andromeda galaxy M31.

This was a quick capture of m31. An unforecasted clear spell meant i had to take advantage of the clear skies. In fact, the seeing conditions were ideal. In all i captured 2 hours of data and had to pack away as i had work in the morning. I have so far had trouble processing this and have several versions prior to this. With a little help from a friend (matt foyle) i was able to create this image. It is most certainly work in progress as i still have to add in a full set of calibration files and more data over the coming months. It certainly is a lovely target and easy to capture, but be prepared to have your processing skills tested. I certainly recommend doug germans procesding tutoriaks, available on you tube.


Global collage of saturn wavers.


The day the globe waved at saturn. The cassini probe, posistioned in such an alignment that it was able to imae saturs ring with earth able to be included in the shot. To celebrate, people around the globe waved at saturn and submitted images of themselves waving. Those images were then used to build this fantastic collage of the earth. .