Astrophotography the basics.

I have been interested in astronomy for many years, but it has only been the last two years that I have started to trend towards astrophotography. I started off two years ago, imaging using a moddified XBOX webcam to image the moon and planets. It has only been the last 12 months that I have started to image with a DSLR, and the learning curve is steep. The aquisistion of images is a feat on its own and as with most new ventures come a whole new vocabulary. Once you have your images you can spend twice as long as you did getting the images right in post imaging processing. On this page I will try to, over time, build up a guide to imaging. It is by no means the right way as I am far from experienced, but I will try to add new things as I go and hopefully it will be of some use. There is a wealth of information on the web, and a good place to start is an astronomy dedicated forum, such as the astronomy shed and Stargazerslounge. The use of a forum is invaluable. It is the place where I always go to ask questions and get advice regardless of how stupid the question is.

If you want to start out in astrophotography, dont be fooled into rushing out and buying everything without putting in a lot of thought. This hobby is not for everyone and it is very frustrating and at times disheartening. The few images that I have posted have been the result of many failures, lots of time and expense. Don’t get me wrong, you can achieve good astrophotos with a very simple set up but once you catch the bug costs and ideas start to snowball out of control.

The best advice I can give is to start out as an observational observer. Learn the skies, become familiar with your equipment and do some thorough research before hand.


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