Astronomy for Fun

Astronomy for Fun is an ever growing group of friends who love to share their passion of Astronomy. The group has members from around the world all of whom have different astronomy interests and levels of ability. As a group we love nothing more than helping each other out, sharing knowledge and keeping up to date with all things astro. It really is a great community.

As a society we occasionally have access to a dark site located in Warwickshire and turn out is pretty good – even when the weather isn’t. Everyone is welcome to attend, you do not need a telescope!

For 2013 we are holding a Big Night of Fun Astronomy – a party under the stars.  This event will coinside with the BBC Star gazers live programme to encourage as many people as we can to spend the night gazing the wonders of our universe! The event, taking place on the 12th January will have activities for all ages and will be spectacular for children and adults alike. Details will be confirmed closer to the date, the event is free and should not be missed, there are some special treats in store!


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