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Dumbbell Nebula M27


The Image was taken 26/10/2012. It consists of 15 sub frames of 2minutes exposure at ISO800.

The Dumbbell nebula (M27) is a planetary nebula located in the constellation of Vulpecula and lies somewhere near to 1300 light years away. The central star is a star that has died and now exists as a white dwarf. A white dwarf is one of the final states a star can achieve after it has exhausted  its hydrogen fusing power, essentially it is a dead star. Around 95% of all stars are thought to one day evolve into  white dwarfs after leaving the main sequence of star evolution. The white dwarf is created after the star expands into a red giant, shedding its outer layers to form the nebula that surrounds the star, eventually the star collapses under its own gravity to form a small and incredibly dense white dwarf.

For more Information about the Dunbbell Nebula follow this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumbbell_Nebula

For information about the Life and death of stars http://burro.astr.cwru.edu/stu/stars_lifedeath.html