Start of the observing season!

I don’t know how many have noticed the lack of clear skies and rather poor summer, I guess unless your a complete recluse it hasn’t escaped you that the weather has been dire. With the clocks rolling back ready for the winter it marks the begining of observing season. Now all we need to do is figure how to get rid of the blanket of cloud that has sat on top of the UK for the last 10 months. Moaning aside, I did manage to get a good night of imaging in. My targets were the planetary nebulas – The dumbbell and the ring nebula which are bright planetary nebulas and are good targets for practising your photography skills. After capturing the planetaries, I moved over the nearly full 96% lit moon and finally had my very first attempt at NGC6888 a emission nebula located in Cygnus. Images are further details can be found in later posts.